Chinese Good Quality Aluminum Hydroxide for Rubber Cable

 Chinese Good Quality Aluminum Hydroxide for Rubber Cable

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Product Introduction

As a EPT coating, cable hearth retardant coating is made up of two components: base material and flame retardant additive (aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake) In addition to the decorative effect of regular paint and bodily safety of cable substrate, EPT operate of flame retardant and fireplace resistance is needed. .
one. Aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake) not only has a reduced flame retardant impact, but also tremendously enhances the hearth overall performance and physical and chemical houses of the cable fireplace retardant coating, and at the same time decreases the value.

two. When adding aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake) flame retardant, it has obvious smoke-reducing impact on cable fireproof coating, which can make fireproof coating not only create smoke and toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c gas when burning, but also have excellent flame retardant and warmth insulation influence.


1. The particular area area is minimal, the oil absorption benefit of the resin is low, and the viscosity is low. The substantial quantity of parts included to the resin can lessen the generation price of synthetic agate, FRP, potting content, and so forth., and improve the flame retardancy of the item.

2. The condition is uniform, simple to soaked, the bubbles are simple to escape, effortless to process, and the stress distribution is uniform, and the energy of the item is enhanced.

The feature of micron aluminium hydroXiHu (West Lake)

Compared with aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake) of normal particle dimensions, the specific surface location of nano-aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake) is drastically enhanced, and the partial pressure of water vapor on the surface of the particles is decreased, which can enhance the flame retardant impact to some extent. For instance, when the average particle diameter of aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake) is 5 mum, the oxygen index is 28, and when the particle diameter is less than one mum, the limiting oxygen index can achieve 33.


Q:Payment Term
A:T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, Western Union and other folks.

Q:Which variety of transport?
A:By sea or by air or by rail.

Q:Delivery Time
A:Generally we can make shipment in fifteen daEPTafter signal the contract, some merchandise probably need EPTer time

Q:Can you source free samples?
A:We can offer samples in accordance to customer necessity. For Chemical materials normally we can provide 1kgs free sample.

 Chinese Good Quality Aluminum Hydroxide for Rubber Cable

 Chinese Good Quality Aluminum Hydroxide for Rubber Cable