Flame in Alexandria Egypt Retardant XPE Foam Shock Proof Good Sell for Building

Flame  in Alexandria Egypt  Retardant XPE Foam Shock Proof Good Sell for Building

EPT retardant XPE foam

Two main sorts of crosslinked PE foam are:

1. Irriadiated Crosslinked polyethylene foam(IXPE FOAM) is extremely wonderful celled microcellular foam. Iriadiated crosslinked foam is utilised for healthcare programs, heart forming, and substantial stop protective EPT and consumer merchandise. This foam can truly be printed on very evidently.

2. Chemically crosslinked foam(XPE FOAM) also has excellent physical houses, but has a greater a lot more random cell structure. Chemically crosslinked foam can also be utilized for EPT, warmth forming and a huge range of purposes.

These foams are available in a vast variety of formulations incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. EVA modified to make the foams far more pliable, as well as with fire retardants. Crosslinked foams are accessible in the two rolls and bun (block) type, and in a variety of shades, as properly as normal, white and black.

2)materials: PE foam, higher density foam inside of.
3)eco-friendly: 6p-cost-free, AZO-free of charge, reduced lead, low cadnium, can attain EN71 stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
four)usage: Perform mat for young children, ground mattress
5)characteristic: All environmental material, can be folded, cleaned very easily, sturdy.
6)colour: BrigEPT in shade, purple, yellow, blue, environmentally friendly, orange, purple to select.

one. Warmth Insulation: Single-foaming composition can decrease the reduction of warmth among air convections, ideal for creating warmth preservation pipes and boards. Very good anti-dew functionality, ideal for humid environments like fridges, air-conditioners and ice properties, and so forth.
2. Cushion Capability: Semi-challenging top quality foams have very good rebound capabilities right after robust impact, appropriate for the EPT of EPTs, semi-conductors and electronics, and so forth.
3. Audio Absorption: Excellent sound and sound absorption capacity, ideal for audio absorption and insulation elements of vehicles, electro-motors and other products and environments with loEPTnoises.
four. Shaping Capability: Excellent warmth endurance and ducEPTty capacity with even density, suited for producing deep inside elements like shaping in vacuum and very hot environments, like the air conditioning vaporizing tank of vehicles, very hot-formed peak canopy of vehicles and sneakers, and so on.
five. Very good chemical, oil, acid and alkali longevity capabilities. It is secure and odorless, simple for machining and casting, and can be mixed with numerous other materials.

Largely Application:
one. Software area: XPE/IXPE item versaEPTty, at present use more than 350.
(1) developing, civil field, roof, wall warmth insulation, heat preservation, buffer, condensation prevention, waterproof, stop leakage, anticorrosion components Civil numerous base supplies
Antifreeze, shockproof buffer resources Interior decoration, wallpaper, mattress substance, and so on.
(2) The changes in temperature area EPTs, h2o tank, reservoir of insulation supplies Chemical EPT pipe, drinking water pipe, water pipe antifreeze and heat preservation materials The solar power drinking water heater, strength preserving of heat insulation materials

(3) Vhicle regions: Automobile interior decoration, ceiling, EPT panel, include the aged board, cooler, floor and so on components The prepare trunk lining, seats, floor, ornamental supplies Automobiles with wiring security, seat, decoration supplies.
(four) EPT regions: Glass, ceramics and fragile items EPT, digital appliances, elements, EPT electrical appliances defense EPT supplies, lighter, clocks and watches, all pen security components

(five) culture and sporting activities, EPT cargo locations: College educating supplies, children’s toys, sports activities with all sorts of cushion, surfing board, swimming jacket, float and buffer resources Kitchen area sink, mat, and many others.
(six) agriculture and forestry, aquatic regions: Seedling, the miao sheets Temperature insulation materials Stabling home expression sheet, chilly storage insulation materials

Certificate authentication:
We complied with SGS, RoHS, ISO9001, UL and other global stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rds.

Item xpe foam
Model EPT
Thickness .5-100mm
Density (fee) 3, five, eight, 10, fifteen, 20, twenty five, thirty, 35, forty
Width Significantly less than two.5m and many others. OEM services is welcomed.
Payment By T/T, 30% payment advanced amp 70% before loading the merchandise into containers.
EPT Carton or in accordance to your demands.
Shipping time 15working times
MOQ 1000sqm
Area of Origin HangZhou, China
Characteristic The pore on the facet is a lot more scaled-down and uniform than XPE and surface area is more beautiful.
Warmth insulation, shockproof, buffering, temperature fastness, acidproof alkali, sound absorption, non-air pollution and so on.
Use EPT, components industry, real estate market, electronics sector, shoemaking, safeguarding, vehicles, shipping and delivery, luggage market and so on.
Take a look at Products ROHS, SGS, UL, M1

Complex Index:

Density two hundred plusmn thirty one hundred twenty five plusmn 15 a hundred plusmn 10 sixty six.7 plusmn eight 50 plusmn 6 40 plusmn 4 33.three plusmn three
Hardness sixty-70 50-sixty 45-fifty 35-45 30-35 two-thirty eighteen-twenty five
Water absorption

(23 deg C 24h)g/ cm sup3

le .02 le .02 le .03 le .03 le .04 le .04 le .05
Thermal conductivity le .092 le .082 le .07 le .062 le .053 le .047 le .041
Tensile strength(mpa) L ge 1.35 ge one.twelve ge .88 ge .sixty eight ge .39 ge .33 ge .25
M ge one.08 ge .89 ge .71 ge .56 ge .33 ge .25 ge .twenty
Tesibility L ge 260 ge 230 ge 210 ge 190 ge 170 ge one hundred sixty ge 140
M ge 220 ge 200 ge 185 ge 170 ge 150 ge a hundred thirty five ge a hundred thirty
Tearing toughness L ge five.ninety ge 4.80 ge 3.60 ge 2.80 ge one.80 ge one.60 ge 1.35
M ge seven.10 ge 5.40 ge 4.00 ge 3.thirty ge two.30 ge two.00 ge 1.70

Flame  in Alexandria Egypt  Retardant XPE Foam Shock Proof Good Sell for Building

Flame  in Alexandria Egypt  Retardant XPE Foam Shock Proof Good Sell for Building