Rubber Grinding Machine Rubber Pulverizer for Waste Tire Recycling

Rubber Grinding Machine Rubber Pulverizer for Waste Tire Recycling

Rubber Grinding EPT/Rubber Pulverizer for Waste Tire Recycling

Rubber grinding EPT for waste tire recycling is to crush squander tires into rubber powEPTin distinct sizes. The final rubber powEPTis with purity of ninety nine.99%, can be utilized to make rubber tiles, rubber mat, asphalt, waterproof material, filler of artificial grass.

The functioning method of rubber grinding EPT for waste tire recycling:
waste tire—tire circle cutter—tire strip cutter—tire slice cutter—rims separator—rubber crusher—magnetic separator—fiber separator—rubber powder

Specification of rubber grinding EPT for squander tire recycling:

Decomposition equipments
Tire circle cutter To reduce the ring of tires 4.75kw
Tire strip cutter To cut tires into strips in 5x8cm 4kw
Tire slice cutter To lower rubber strips into blocks in 3x5x8cm 4kw
Rims separator To independent the steels in the ring of tires11kw

Rubber crusher is to crush the rubber blocks into powEPTin various sizes with purity of 99.99%.

Product Potential Drum diameter Drum length Entrance roll linear Roll pace ratio Max roller spacing Motor EPT
XKP-350 3ton 300mm 500mm 26.2m/min 1:two.5 8mm 30kw
XKP-400 6ton 400mm 600mm 34.5m/min 1:2.5 8mm 45kw
XKP-450 8ton 450mm 760mm 38.0m/min one:two.five 8mm 55kw/75kw
XKP-560 10ton 560mm 800mm 38.6m/min 1:2.five 8mm 75kw/90kw
XKP-560D 20ton 560mm 1000mm 42.5m/min 1:two.five 8mm 132kw/160kw


Positive aspects of our rubber crusher EPT:
1. Crusher roller speed ratio: Ours is one: 2.5, whilst the outdated type roller speed ratio is 1: 1.38.
2. Roller structure: Our two rollers are both grooved, which improve the friction and then increase the output, although the old type is one with groove, and the other is easy.
3. Roller content: The roller is created by Welding use resistant alloy supplies, 5Cr6MnMo. We can supply you 3 several years warranty of the roller. Whilst the previous kinds EPT use cast iron to make the rollers, very easy to split or crack in two .
4. EPT function: Our EPT is strength saving 1/three. For instance, generating 1T powder, our EPT electricity intake is only 150 deg, whilst their electrical energy use is about 250- 280 deg in creating 1T powder.
five. Bearing: Our EPT use rolling bearing, there are eight pieces bearing inside of, even though the previous EPT use the slide bearings ( bush) , which is not as very good as ours.

Rubber powEPTgrinding EPT:



Q1,Are you a manufacturing facility or a buying and selling business?
A. We are a company with 30 a long time production expertise in tire recycling EPT and nail generating EPTs. We have export license, we can provide you the manufacturing facility prices.

Q2. Can you promise the ability as you talked about ?
A. Certainly yes, the grooved two rollers are EPTly made to boost the output and guarantee the operating efficient.

Q3, are you sure the closing rubber powEPTcan be entirely clear out of wire metal or nylon ?
A. The final powEPTpurity can achieve ninety nine.9%. we have magnetic separator which can separate the wire steel from the rubber powder.

Rubber Grinding Machine Rubber Pulverizer for Waste Tire Recycling

Rubber Grinding Machine Rubber Pulverizer for Waste Tire Recycling